Inga- saurus colouring book

Inga loves dinosaurs, she has a big collection of them, but Inga also has an extremely rare heart defect and needs a life saving operation urgently.

To help raise money for her surgery in the USA - the only place in the world performing such specialist heart surgery - we’ve created the Ingasaurus colouring book.

We invited artists and illustrators from around the world to donate a dinosaur, creating this dino-tastic collection ready for your favourite colouring pencils!

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I love dinosaurs because there are so many of them, you can learn about a new one everyday.
But also becasue they are big and scary! RAWR!

Inga 5 years old

A heart for Inga

Bart’s niece, Inga, has an extreme form of Ebstein’s Anomaly, a rare heart defect. At five years old, she is already halfway through her life without the heart surgery she needs to survive.

This surgery is only available at the Ebstein’s Anomaly Center in the United States, far from Inga’s home in Poland. Her family need to raise £250,000 by the end of March 2021 to fund this lifesaving treatment and give Inga the best possible chance of a healthy, normal life.

Any donation you can give to help Bart’s family reach their fundraising goal would be enormously appreciated.

Your cretaceous colouring

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